A Wheelz Niagara wine tasting tour can introduce you to the finest of Niagara's liquid bounty

At Wheelz Niagara, we are always exploring.

Recently, we added a few new travel spots in Ontario Wine Country to our list of favorite places to take thirsty travelers.

Today, we would like to introduce you to The Ice House Winery.

This is not a typical wine producer like those to which you may be accustomed.

Located at 14778 Niagara Parkway in Niagara-on-the-Lake, owners Jamie Macfarlane and his wife, Karen King, have applied their extensive wine-making and business experience to create something unique.

The couple has built a unique production facility for Icewine and Icewine only. Under label “Northern Ice”, four varieties are now available: Vidal, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Jamie, following a career spanning 25 years as a senior winemaker, was instrumental in creating Niagara’s first commercial Icewine. He drew on his experiences in France and other areas to establish The Ice House in 2005 and focus on icewine as his Niagara specialty.

But wait: There’s more!

Winery Guys Tours Niagara - The Ice House Winery

Jamie and Karen took their love for Icewine one step further, using it to develop special cocktails and their signature Northern Ice “N’Ice Slushie.” 

“Because Icewine is pressed from frozen grapes,” says Jamie on the company’s website, “there tends to be less water and more juice … This makes Icewine a more concentrated flavor, perfect for cooking with and for blending to create cocktails.”

In the N’Ice Slushie, concentrated Icewine is poured over ice and blended till frothy, and served in a pretty martini glass – and we can tell you, our Wheelz team has tried it, and it’s delicious – a bit like having summer in a refreshing cocktail. (of course, we weren’t driving ourselves at the time!)

Recipes for the couple’s favorite cocktails, including the N’Ice Slushie, are included on the website, HERE. Icewine for Slushies is available in two varieties: Cabernet and Vidal. Our Wheelz team thinks they are perfect for entertaining on your patio, this spring or summer.

To date, the Northern Ice label has taken countless awards from Monde Selection (a trusted international testing agent of consumer products, specializing in wine), proving Jamie’s vision and Karen’s business expertise have hit on something special.

And don’t forget to hug Polaris, the polar bear, rumor has it, it will bring you luck. Even if doesn’t, it is another great Niagara wine country photo op. Usually our guests wind up riding him, we have no idea what this can bring, luck wise, but it is sure fun.

Open daily from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., The Ice House Winery welcomes visitors and tours to its tasting area and retail facility.

If you love Icewine, Jamie and Karen invite you to stop by to take the Ultimate Niagara Icewine Experience. You’ll get to taste two Slushies; three Northern Ice Premium Icewines and two Icewine cocktails blended with your favorite Icewine.

At $24 per couple, this is an economical way to educate your taste buds on the deliciousness of Niagara Icewine.

And with Wheelz as your tour guide, you won’t have to worry about traffic, parking, nor having a designated driver. Wheelz will pick you and five guests up at your door; deliver you to your destinations safely and comfortably, and deliver you home again when your tour is complete.

It’s worth mentioning that if you are curious, but can’t get to the winery itself, you can always shop online in Jamie and Karen’s e-tail store, HERE

To learn a little bit more about Jamie and Karen’s story, visit the “our story” page on The Ice House website, HERE.

To see all the wine tours you can plan with Wheelz, visit our packages page, HERE.

We hope you’re thirsty, because the Wheelz team would love to introduce you to Niagara’s liquid bounty, including Icewine, table wines and craft beer.

To book a tour or get more information, give our office a call at 289-296-1966, or send us a message. 

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