Grow Some Gratitude in Your Workplace with a Niagara Wine Tour, Who Couldn’t use a Break from our Reality or a Distraction right now?

It's no secret that the Wheelz team loves Niagara. In fact, our one-of-a-kind Niagara wine tours wouldn’t be the same without our amazing crew of tour guides who connect our guests to unique and wonderful local vintners. We’re so grateful to have such an eclectic mix of individuals at the heart of our business. The summer months can be extremely busy in Niagara, and we know many businesses want to take time to make sure their employees feel appreciated. So, if there’s a hard-working manager or owner in your life who deserves a little gratitude and appreciation, or If you can’t find the right words or the right time to express your gratitude to the exceptional employees in your workplace, why not say it with a Niagara wine tour? This liquid language doesn’t just make a fabulous gift: it can actually ignite team building  amongst your employees.

As the restrictions around social distancing start to lift and new protocols are introduced, a custom Niagara wine tour will give your employees the opportunity to relax and most importantly, rekindle their sense of unity with one another. The ability to express gratitude to management and employees can improve work culture, increase satisfaction and reduce stress!

As if you needed any more good reasons to go on a Niagara wine tour with us!

Why You Should Raise a Glass to Your Incredible Co-Workers!

Grapes may grow on vines, but gratitude is cultivated in the workplace. According to Kira M. Newman, writer and contributor for the University of California Berkley’s Greater Good magazine, various studies on gratitude in the workplace “suggest that building cultures of gratitude and appreciation can transform our work lives, leading to deeper connections to each other and to the work we’re doing.”

So how can you encourage your team to value one another in the workplace? With a Niagara wine tour of course! A Niagara wine tour isn’t just for special occasions. In fact, you can treat your team with a VIP gift card any time of the year to inspire future team bonding. Wheelz will accommodate various group sizes and help coordinate team-building activities for your team at our amazing local wineries. Your custom Niagara wine tour can include tastings, wine-mixing tutorials, food-pairing excursions, and even cellar dinners, to nurture team-building, and help your employees, or management team, to recognize each other’s strengths and contributions to the work place. Bond over your favourite wines and make some new memories with us!

How a Wine Tour Can Foster  Gratitude in the Workplace:

·       Take time to reflect: When the dust settles after a particularly fast-paced work week , a carefully planned Niagara wine tour can help employees  pause and reflect on their accomplishments, and the team members who helped them get there.  Forbes contributor Karl Sun points out that “it’s easy to lose sight [of the help you’ve had] when you get caught up in the day-to-day grind.” And we have no doubt that shared experiences surrounding Niagara’s wineries can bring your team together

·       Be gracious even when times are tough: Including team members in activities, and bonding together over a favourite Niagara wine, even after a tough week, can help workers maintain their confidence even if they’ve made mistake. Exploring local wineries also gives employees the opportunity to connect over something other than work, which can ease work-related tensions. Psychologist Robert Emmons suggests that practicing gratitude in the workplace actually “builds up a sort of psychological immune system that can cushion us when we fall.”

·       Make gratitude specific: When it comes time to thank your employees, Sun recommends calling out specifics to make managers, interns, and other employees feel special. No matter what occasion or milestone you’re highlighting, Wheelz has a custom tour to commemorate it. Directing your “thank-you” to a specific moment or trait is personal and thoughtful.  

·       Provide opportunities for employees to express gratitude: to help your team get on board with practicing their gratitude for each other, try creating an online forum or office bulletin where they can express their thoughts. A “Gratitude Wall” can help staff recognize each other’s contributions, and even help mediate conflict.

Where Does the Wine Fit In?

So, what does wine have to do with the workplace? Well, Wheelz has provided many local businesses with a custom Niagara wine tour, and we believe that planning a tour or purchasing a Wheelz gift card, is an excellent way to express your gratitude to your staff. With various tour packages and personalized options available, we’re confident that once our regular hours resume, you can make everyone feel appreciated with a little help from Wheelz! If you’re unsure of how gifting an excursion or experience to your office can help show your gratitude, Greater Good actually lists gift giving as “another way to foster gratitude,” and mentions that “giving gifts may have an important effect on working relationships and reciprocity.”

Whether your Niagara wine tour symbolizes your thanks for a job well done, an important sale, or ongoing managerial support, you can foster gratitude while sampling some local favourites! A personalized Niagara wine tour that caters to your staff’s tastes will inspire more personal, genuine exchanges that will influence the way you interact in the workplace. With customizable options to reflect your team’s size, Wheelz will coordinate with local wineries to provide your team with an out-of-this-world experience. From full-day tours to intimate cellar dinners, we’ll make sure your day in Niagara wine country is unforgettable. Not sure where to start? Our tour guides are Niagara enthusiasts and winery experts: They can provide you with recommendations to help you celebrate your management team by pre-booking a tour for four, or  directing your to wineries that can host team-building exercises  for your team of 10. We can comfortably accommodate  10 guests, so, no matter what you do, or what you drink, you’ll make your workshop count with Wheelz! You can wine now (and worry about work later!) by contacting us today to pre-book your Niagara wine tour workshop!


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We booked a private wine tour with Viator. Our local agency was Wheelz. Our guide/driver was knowledgeable of the area. He picked us up at our hotel and took us to 7 wineries in the Niagra on the Lake area. He knew all the best wineries and offered us coupons for free tastings at some of the stops. He had a great recommendation for lunch and never rushed us through the stops. I would use Wheelz again!

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