NIAGARA UNCORKED: Consider adding some sparkling to your Mother's Day

By Bob Tymczyszyn The St. Catharines Standard

This week as we near the second Sunday of May, a day that we celebrate as Mother's Day we begin to think of what to get for Mom.

The day has roots back to the turn of the 20th century when Anna Jarvis, a school teacher in West Virginia, honoured the memory of her mother by decorating her church with her mother's favourite flower, white carnations. But it wasn't until American President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed May 8, 1914, as the first official Mother's Day that the occasion caught on and is now celebrated in North America and most of the world.

Long ago, I stopped buying or making cards for my mom who is a little over 80. She let me know in her own way that she doesn't need those things, that she would rather have a visit or call. And I know that she would rather have a plant than cut flowers. Her thinking is that she can keep it for a lot longer and it will brighten her garden. I think the best way to celebrate our mothers is to get together for a visit, or at the very least a call to let them know you are thinking of them.

So for those occasions, I thought I might suggest a few VQA wines that you may want to bring to a brunch or family get-together. And remember, if you do visit, make sure that you bring everything or go out instead so she can have a "day off". While I haven't suggested any in this column, a fine sparkling wine from the Niagara region would be a great idea whether with orange juice or better yet by itself.

Wheelz Niagara Mothers Day The St. Catharines Standard

There are so many very fine sparkling’s being produced in Niagara you really can't go wrong. The first wine that would make an excellent choice is the new Trius Rosé 2017.

A revised blend in a new and attractive bottle, this wine is on the dryer side and while some might suggest the bottle is "feminine" this is a wine for everyone. Salmon pink in colour, strawberries and red fruit come across with well-balanced acidity at the end that will help pair with a wide variety of foods. Well priced at $17.95.

For lovers of red wines, these spring days ask for lighter fair and the Vieni Pinot Noir 2015.

Deep in colour, it releases dark fruit on the nose. In the mouth, it is very smooth with a slight vanilla finish after the fruit. Very easy on the palate and one to be consumed this year. Another Niagara value at $16.95.

Staying in the west part of Niagara we have Malivoire Guilty Men Riesling Sauvignon Blanc. Another VQA wine priced well at $14.95.

Super light in colour, this blend of Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc fermented in stainless steel to keep their freshness, is a joy. Tropical fruit along with well-balanced citrus make it an easy choice that will please many looking for something a little different.

A family favourite, Flat Rock Riesling 2016 is out, and once again the winemaker has hit the mark.

Bright and refreshing it has some body to elevate it amongst other Rieslings. Off-dry, it offers up peach and pear along with lemon citrus to keep it lively. You'll want to stock up your summer cellar with this at $17.95.

Lastly, we'll turn to Niagara-on-the-Lake for Strewn's Two Vines Riesling Gewürztraminer 2016. An off-dry white expect citrus, lychee and honey. There's some hint of petrol, ever so slight but it won't put you off this tasty wine.

With all the wines, a good chill is essential, but pull the Pinot out a little sooner. Cheers have a happy Mother's Day and remember to drink responsibly.


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