Niagara Whites that will Delight: Perfect Pairings for Easter Dinner

Easter is all fun and games for the kiddos, isn’t it? They hunt for chocolate eggs and  you’ve volunteered to hunt for the perfect Easter-dinner beverage. But Easter looks a little different this year, doesn’t it? With just your immediate family to cook for, and no hostess gift to pick out, maybe you’ve got some extra time on your hands.  But just because you can’t get out for a little “me” time doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun! Near or far, your friends at Wheelz are here to help you find some adventure! So,  We thought we’d make Easter fun by taking you on a virtual wine tour to show you how to get a taste of Niagara from the comfort of your own home. Let your kids gather eggs while you sit back and explore some of our favourite Niagara whites! You’d better get that palate refreshed because you’ve got some wine tasting to do!

Go Loco for Local with These Niagara Whites  

Easter dinner is a time for family, food, and celebration. But, things are a little different this year, which means you might have a smaller crowd this year. Good thing wine is still on the menu. Don’t let social distancing let you shy away from exploring VQA wines! Use your time off to create your own virtual tour and support your favourite local wineries by buying a few wines online. . The team at Wheelz has compiled a list of white wines that are sure to compliment any meal.  We’ve conferred with the experts so that you can get your hands on these delightful whites and share your love of local—no matter where you are.

So,  even if a tour from Beamsville to Niagara-on-the-lake isn’t feasible right now, we will have you acquainted with the region’s finest whites just in time for the main course! Our first stop on our Niagara wine “tour”? Riesling.

You Don’t Need A Good Reason to Love  Niagara Riesling

Niagara’s unique climate and terroir consistently produces dry-style Rieslings that boast refreshing acidity and sharp, lemon-lime characteristics. This versatile varietal has something for everyone! Book your custom wine tour now to get to know some local Rieslings and surprise your family  by sending over  a few bottles!  we’ve selected a couple of our favourites that you can enjoy from home!

·       KEW VINEYARDS | 2013 Organic Riesling | Beamsville Bench

Grown in Kew’s Young Family Organic Vineyard, the grapes that make up this Riesling are young and feisty with a dry sense of humour. You’ll love the fresh scent of citrus and peach that come from this dry, acidic wine. With tasting notes of lemon and apple, this wine offers drinkers a bright finish. Did we mention it’s certified Organic? We’ll take a case, please!

·       RAVINE VINEYARD |2018 Sand & Gravel Riesling |Niagara Peninsula

Aged in stainless steel tanks, Ravine’s S&G Riesling walks that fine line between acidic and sweet. With 21 grams of sugar per litre, this Niagara wine is semi-dry and ready to pair with food and fond memories. It’s got enough acidity to stand up to the sweetness, which compliments hints of peach and pineapple.

Serve chilled on its own, with charcuterie, or with the Easter ham for a wickedly good combination. Having turkey instead? Riesling will compliment poultry, too! If you’re opting for a less-traditional dinner this year, consider pairing this zingy wine with a spicy dish, like curry or pad Thai!

Three Cheers for Chardonnay!

Chardonnay was hailed for its elegance and dynamic growing capabilities for decades. However, somewhere along the line, wine lovers everywhere decided they had sour grapes for Chardonnay and declared it tasted like butter in a bottle! The culprit? Too much oak! However, winemakers are slowly reviving this epic grape’s reputation by easing up on the oak. Niagara’s wineries now offer a diverse range of chardonnays, some even get fermented in stainless steel tanks—no oak allowed!

·       QUEENSTON MILE | 2017 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay| St. David’s Bench

Barrel fermented elegance! If you’ve been scared off oaked chardonnay, this chardonnay will show you what a kiss of oak can do! The rich, creamy mouthfeel offers hints of lemon custard and dried apple. Sophisticated and warm will leave you feeling like a true connoisseur!

·       TWO SISTERS | 2017 Unoaked Chardonnay | Niagara Peninsula

Using Chardonnay grapes from a variety of their vineyards, these grapes are fermented separately in stainless steel. Because this wine doesn’t spend any time in oak, wine-drinkers will delight in its fruit characteristics of pear and Meyer lemon, and even some creamy ginger notes.

There’s certainly more to chardonnay than meets the palate. Its richer, fuller body also makes this wine ideal for serving with turkey and gravy, since it has the right strength and acidity to cut through rich sauces and can stand up to the creamier components of a dish.

Gewürztraminer: You’ll Enjoy the Taste Even If You Can’t Pronounce the Name

Our final stop on this Niagara  adventure is Gewürztraminer. Originating in Germany, this cool-climate grape does exceptionally well in Niagara. Its tropical fruit characteristics make this wine unique, and its powerful lychee aroma stands out among grapefruit and ginger notes. But don’t let the fruitiness fool you: our Niagara Gewürztraminers boast well-balanced acidity and complex flavours.

VIENI ESTATES | 2016 Gewürztraminer | Vinemount Ridge

The beautiful straw-yellow colour makes this wine’s tasting notes of pineapple, banana, and candied fruit really shine! Your guests will be in for a tasting adventure when they experience the taste of a Gewürztraminer grown in exceptional terroir.

TAWSE | 2017 “Quarry Road” Gewürztraminer | Vinemount Ridge

Wonderfully aromatic, the 2017 Gewürztraminer from Tawse showcases the winery’s expertise. This wine will smell as good as it tastes, and the sweet finish gives drinkers a hint of ginger and peach.

The lush, tropical character of this wine might seem out of place for Easter dinner, but this varietal can be a welcome accompaniment to spiced pork and can bring out subtle ginger and nutmeg flavours to bring some pizzaz to classic dishes.

Did Someone Say . . . Easter Bubbly?

White wines aren’t just patio wines: they deserve a place at the dining room table, too . . . or any occasion. How about a mid-day happy hour? You deserve to pamper yourself!

We live and breathe Niagara (and its wines), and we know that the perfect companion to your pork chops can be found at one of our outstanding local wineries. So, rather than playing wine roulette at your local liquor store, get in touch with Wheelz to pre-book a custom Niagara wine tour, or check out our blog for tips on how to hunt down Niagara wines: With the snow melting and the sun shining, there’s no better way to gear up for a holiday weekend than an afternoon in wine country from the comfort of your own home! Let us bring Niagara to you.  Happy Easter to our community! Remember to stay home, stay safe, and stay hydrated with your favourite glass of vino!



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