The Gift of Experience with a Niagara Wine & Brewery Tour

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it, the need to find a special gift for everyone on your list. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season? Wheelz can help! Instead of a gift that will get tossed into the back of the closet--or worse, regifted--consider how you can choose the perfect gift to wow your friends, co-workers and loved ones: a Wheelz Niagara Brewery Tour or Niagara Wine Tour. These amazing tours double as a chance to indulge and unwind a little after the holidays. They truly make the perfect gift for many of the people on your list.

Give the Gift of Experience

Everyone has someone on their list who has decided that this Christmas, they aren't going to ask for more 'stuff.' Coming up with ‘experience gifts’ for adults, however, can be a real challenge! Well, not anymore. Whether your loved ones would delight in enjoying an outdoor Picnix come next summer, or a Niagara Brewery Tour or a Niagara Wine Tour this chilly winter, there's something for everyone! Just imagine: wandering through the brewery, learning more about the beer-making process or the different types of craft beer, or perhaps taking a little wine tasting trip that will have them exclaiming over all of the different flavours available to try. What could be better than an ‘experience gift’ that will allow your loved ones to get away with someone special--or perhaps even get away with one another--and check out the wide range of Niagara wine and craft beer available to them?

Reduce Stress After the Holiday Season

Many people struggle with increased stress during the holiday season. There are dozens of places to be, hundreds of things to do, and it seems as though just when you think you've managed to accomplish one goal, something else slides in to take its place. While you might not be able to take anything off of your loved ones' holiday To-Do lists, you can reduce some of the stress after the holiday season (and ease some of your own stress as you prepare your gift list at the same time).

Scheduling your loved ones a Niagara Brewery Tour or a Niagara Wine Tour will give them a chance to kick back, relax, and sample some amazing beer or wine selections that Niagara wine country has to offer. It doesn't matter if they prefer wine, beer, or are 'just here for the food.' There are plenty of tour options for everyone on your list! 

Get Away Together

As you're planning your wine or brewery tour, consider the benefit of going away together after the holidays. Bonding during the holidays can be incredibly difficult with the seemingly endless get-togethers and to-do list. When you plan your Wheelz Niagara Brewery Tour or Niagara Wine Tour, on the other hand, you'll find that it's a great chance to get away and reconnect with one another, making it the perfect holiday gift. And since you can bring up to eleven people along on your custom tour, you can really take advantage of the chance to bond with the entire family. 

This holiday season, let us make your gift-giving easier than ever! Instead of pouring over your list wondering what your loved ones really want for the holiday season, contact us to learn more about our incredible tour options and how we can customize a wine tour for whomever the recipient is.

Whether you want to attend the tour with them or prefer to send them off on a whirlwind tour designed just for their preferences, there's something in a Niagara wine tour for everyone--and we can help you give an incredible gift that will be sure to impress. With Wheelz, you could become the family favourite gift-giver this holiday season!


What People are Saying

Our party of 7 had a blast on the tour. We made it to 5 wineries and 2 breweries. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and very familiar with each establishment. The tour only got better as the day went. Ended up coming home stocked with a variety of beverages.
I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking to spend a great day with friends enjoying what Niagara has to offer.

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