Say "Be Mine" with a Niagara Wine Tour this Valentine's

Are you stumped for Valentine’s Day plans? Or maybe you’re putting off making plans because traditional ideas, like a stuffed bear or box of chocolates, seem too impersonal. At Wheelz Niagara, we’re fans of all things custom and private, because everyone should feel like a VIP on Valentine’s Day!

So, don’t take a chance on romance this year: recruit your friends at Wheelz to help you plan the perfect date night for you and your someone special. A custom Niagara Wine Tour will help you speak the language of love at any time of year!

Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Starts with Wheelz Niagara

Picture it: Valentine’s Day. Your plan is a dinner out at one of your “go to” spots—except you forgot to make a reservation. Suddenly, you have nowhere to “go to”! So, when you’re trying to plan a stellar evening out, ask yourself: what says, “be mine?” better than a fabulous bottle of wine?

There’s no pairing quite like romance and wine (except for Wheelz Niagara and wine of course!). Creating the perfect Valentine’s date is easy when Niagara is your playground.

Although the Niagara Icewine Festival has come and gone, and Niagara’s vineyards are covered in frost, don’t write off a wine tour as a possible Valentine’s Day option just yet. Whether you’re celebrating the person you love or are looking to get together with some close friends, your perfect Valentine’s, or ‘Galentine’s Day’ is a Niagara wine tour away! The perfect “bouquet” isn’t in any floral shop—you’ll find it in a wine glass! Now, let’s get sipping.

Uncork Your Love for Icewine

Did you know? Only wine certified by Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) Ontario may have the word “Icewine” on its label. In fact, all wine produced in Ontario must meet regulations before they can have VQA status. Luckily, there is no shortage of VQA wines to be tasted across Niagara’s exemplary wine country.

A February wine tour in Niagara is a local secret! A winter tasting means you’ll beat the tourist rush by at least a few months. Translation: privacy and tranquility are your hosts as you taste some of the world’s most celebrated Niagara Icewines. Thinking that your date is sweet enough and that Icewine isn’t your thing?  How about trying a Cabernet Franc Icewine? Unlike table wine, the juices that are pressed for Icewine production are highly concentrated, giving the wine a sweet and fruity profile. Red grapes like Cabernet Franc, which grow well in our cool, Canadian climate, make for exceptional Icewines that are a touch less sweet than your traditional Vidal Icewines. You’ll be surprised by the bold, berry flavours, like cranberry and strawberry, that are present in a red Icewine.

Your love affair with Icewine doesn’t have to stop there—take a bottle home and enjoy a few drops in cocktails, add an ounce or two to a martini, or use as an accompaniment on pancakes and ice cream. Or, save the bottle for next Valentine’s Day and toast to a relationship that’s as fine as Icewine!

Too Cold for Picnix? Consider These Niagara Restaurants!

Unfortunately, dark, chilly days don’t just mean wineries close earlier; it also means that you’ll have to postpone that romantic Picnix with Wheelz meal for spring.

Luckily, Niagara is bursting with as many restaurants as it is grapes; and because of those early closing times, you can make the most of an early outing with a spectacular dinner at a Niagara restaurant. If your custom tour has you dreaming of potential food pairings, Wheelz can assist with making a reservation at one of these Niagara restaurants for a first-class Valentine’s Day meal!

First, the Wine; Now, We Dine.

No Valentine’s date is complete without dinner! And, regardless of what your dinner preferences are, we want to recommend three restaurants that we think will “cater” to all your expectations (they’re some of our favourite spots, too!). Let’s end Valentine’s Day on a full note.

1.     The Blind Pig Niagara

You’ll enjoy the contemporary and casual feel of this gastro pub and, depending on the night of your Valentine’s date, can enjoy its various entertainment offerings! The Blind Pig’s menu is the perfect antidote to a day’s worth of wine tasting and features creative twists on bar-food classics, like bourbon-glazed pork belly and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. Satisfy any appetite with an eclectic array of sandwiches, burgers, and comfort foods!

If you happen to have some mementos from your Niagara wine tour, you can take advantage of free corkage on Tuesdays or pay 5$ for corkage on Thursdays. Toast to your love with a wine you adore at the Blind Pig!

2.     Masaki Sushi

Looking for a unique, handcrafted feast for that special someone? Follow your custom Niagara wine tour with a meal at Maskai, an “innovative addition to Niagara’s culinary scene.” The fresh seafood brought right from Japan is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Choose from their classic dinner menu or try something new with their 3-course Valentine’s Day menu, available between February 14-16, 2020. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s dinner a little late this year, you can still enjoy Masaki’s “Fabulicious” menu: it’s available for lunch and dinner from February 26-29.

Try a Japanese beer or take a peek at their extensive sake list. We love their cool cocktail offerings, and of course their selection of Niagara wines!

3.     AG Inspired Cuisine

AG is proud to showcase their “Field to Fork” philosophy in their dishes by using the best ingredients that Niagara has to offer. All menus feature local, seasonal ingredients, and their beverage list makes a nod to local wineries and Canadian breweries.

The upscale and modern décor allows for either business casual or formal attire, so feel free to dress up! Begin your meal with a signature cocktail as you look over AG’s inspired menu. The daily three-course menu gives you flexibility to try a little of everything! Ask your server about the food and wine pairing option for an interactive wine experience.

You won’t regret splurging on this award-winning dinner: AG was named one of the most Romantic Restaurants in Canada by OpenTable. Let us know if you want to experience it for yourself!

Give the Gift of a Niagara Wine Tour!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to win “partner of the year,” book your custom tour today! It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving –you’ll get to sample some outstanding bottles of wine, buy a few if all goes well, and walk away with a few amazing memories, too. Don’t be a fool in love . . . call your friends at Wheelz and we’ll help you craft a date that’s fool-proof.

*A word of warning: a Niagara wine tour is a tough act to follow, so make sure you pre-book for next year, too!



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We booked the photography tour, not because we’re all photographers, but because we felt it would ensure we saw the best views/sites in the area on our first day out. We planned the rest of our outings from there, and what our tour guide Harold Hutchings told us. He gave us great guide tips and, as a local, was super knowledgeable of the area.

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