Sip Rosé All Day on a Niagara Wine Tour

Rose is the hue that hints at the last hurrah of a sweltering summer and some of the finest Rosés on a Niagara Wine Tour. With such an array of wineries available throughout Niagara, you might be wondering about to start planning your end-of-summer wine tour. Luckily, at Wheelz Niagara, we happen to know a few ideal wineries to stop at on the Niagara wine route that offer some of our favourite Rosés. 

Château des Charmes

Whether you like it velvety or sparkling, Château des Charmes caters to both desires with a glance at two exclusive estate bottled varieties: the 2017 Rosé, Cuvée d'Andrée and the 2014 Rosé Sparkling. The latter hints at ripe summer strawberries in a delicate blend of traditional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The 2017 Rosé delivers a nod to the vineyard's matriarch, Madame Andrée Bosc, boasting hints of cranberry and strawberry together in a vibrant pink statement.

Sip your selection from one of the most picturesque wineries on the Niagara Wine Tour. The estate is inspired by the French countryside, where the family's passion for crafting wine began an astonishing seven generations ago. Today, the state-of-the-art winery and visitor centre, operated by legendary visionary and vintner Paul Bosc, is regarded as a premiere establishment for Ontario's agri-tourism sector.


For those in search of innovation, explore the array of flavours highlighted in the rosés delivered at Trius Winery, including its Trius Brut Rosé and Trius Rosé 2018. The Trius Brut Rosé boasts 10 coveted wine awards with regional and international allure for its sparkling blend of white currant, white cranberry, blood orange, strawberry, and cherry with subtle yeast notes. As for the Trius Rosé 2018, the summery coral rosé seeps with quintessential aromas of the season worthy of clinking glasses for.

Each glass is poured with a touch of spice stirred with distinctive fruits like white peach, pink grapefruit, white cranberry, and wild strawberry as crafted by Craig McDonald, an icon in the world of vintage wine. His hands-on passion results in wine inspired by the soil, lending good cause for many wine tastings at Trius to happen right in its vineyards.

Back 10 Cellars

With a story as great as their wine, Back 10 Cellars have curated a reputation on Niagara wine tours, as much for their eclectic wine labels as for their unsuspecting emergence onto the Niagara wine scene. Among their premiere wine selection is the award-winning, limited edition Rose Coloured Glasses. The 2017 rosé is touted as "summer in a glass" for its vibrant orange zest, lemon rind, and candied strawberry aromas. Based on a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, this one of a kind rosé just might be capable of delivering on its promise to paint the world in a prettier light with the satiny shade of summer.

The estate at Back 10 Cellars was started from scratch by Andrew and Christina on a tiny 10 acres, just 11 short years ago in 2008. Today, Back 10 Cellars is one of Canada's most notable small batch wineries offering just two years on their wine labels (2017 and 2018) with several awards.

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