Treat Your Sweetheart to a Niagara Chocolate & Wine Tour

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, finding your special someone that perfect token of appreciation can be difficult. Champagne flutes on table next to a chocolate dessert.

Chocolate makes a good fallback gift, and so does a special “date night.” You know the kind – a special night out on the town, with a restaurant reservation, a good bottle of wine and dessert for two. 

Here’s a thought, directly from the planning calendars of our Wheelz Niagara experts: what if you could combine “date night” with chocolate… and wine… and a designated driver to ferry you about?

Well, now you can!

Niagara is rich in beautiful, agricultural land that has perfect conditions for harvesting grapes. As a result, we have many wineries that offer special wine tastings at this time of year. Our personal favourites at Wheelz are the ones that show us how to pair Niagara wine with special treats like milk and dark chocolate, marshmallows made with Icewine, chocolate-coated strawberries, or with any treats the wineries are offering!

Let’s look into the background of chocolate, just for a moment. Have you ever wondered why it’s is so powerfully associated with love?

The answer is partly in science – in chemical reactions, to be specific. Chocolate contains a number of mood altering chemicals, including caffeine, the stimulant theobromine, endorphin-releasing PEA, a cannabinoid called anandamide and other chemicals that stimulate the production of serotonin. These chemicals combine as you melt the sweet stuff on your tongue, producing a contented, loving energy.

History plays a huge part in chocolate’s popularity. Europeans learned to love it after Spanish explorers brought samples of the cacao bean to Spain in 1502. From there it travelled back to the Americas, but not until 1641 – and that was that. Cacao beans, ground into a fine powder with the addition of cane sugar, started North America on its love affair with chocolate.

Now, here’s where Wheelz comes in. We want you to see some awesome chocolate production, paired beautifully with Niagara wine!

You’ll get to see how chocolate is made during a Wheelz Niagara Chocolate & Wine Tour, where a highlight includes a stop at Niagara’s Chocolate FX. Here, you’ll tour a working factory that produces artisan chocolate products, made with traditional panning and molding techniques (did you know you can cover ANYTHING in chocolate?). First, you get to watch the experts make the products… then you get to taste! The store is amazing, so we’re sure you and your sweetheart will be making a purchase or two. 

Then, because this is your spectacular Valentine’s Day celebration, your Wheelz driver will escort you to your choice of wineries, which we will help you plan out beforehand. There is much to choose from because Niagara offers more than 100 wineries and vineyards, all growing classic cool-climate varieties of grapes, such as: Riesling, Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc, to name a few. 

Because there is such a variety of wine and production facilities to tour, we’ll help you narrow things down so your wine tour is customized to you.

Now, since chocolate pairs rather spectacularly with wine, some of your winery picks may have special tastings that are specific to their brand and wine varieties. We think you’ll find that really interesting: what pairs very well with a mild, or milk chocolate, may pair differently with a dark chocolate. Of course, multiple tastings may be necessary!

Specifics for this special wine tour include:

  • Pickup and drop-off to any Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake location.
  • Visits to 5-7 locations, which will take about five hours (we’ll help you pick); choose among wineries, craft breweries, small-batch distilleries, or cider producers.
  • Tastings will cost extra; we can’t build these costs in because we can’t predict how much you’ll want to taste. Usually, they cost between $5 - $7 for three samples, which are large enough for you both to taste. If you are buying wine, sometimes tasting fees are waived. Wheelz will comp you for 2-3 samples.
  • Tours of wine production facilities will unveil the mysteries of taking Niagara grapes from vine to bottle to glass.
  • A lunch stop can be arranged at a location of your choice but is not included in the wine tour package.
  • Your tour vehicle will be upscale, private and comfortable. Your driver will help you memorialize your day with photos at every stop, including stops in Old Town  Niagara-on-the-Lake, weather permitting.

Even if you aren’t a wine fan, we’re sure you’ll be able to appreciate the complexity of tastes involved in pairing Niagara’s liquid bounties with your favourite type of chocolate. If you are a wine fan… well, we’re sure you’ll learn something new! 

One of the suggestions we make is for our guests to bring along some of their favourite chocolate brands to try pairing it with samples as suggested by your winery hosts.

For this coming Valentine’s Day – or for any spectacular “date night” wine tour, Wheelz Niagara has your back, with a special day that includes all your favourites tastes, plus stops at some of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s prettiest spots.

We’re certain your sweetheart will love this gift! To learn more about this, or any of our specialty tour packages, call the Wheelz Niagara office at 289-296-1966. Alternatively, send us a message on our contact page, HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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