Family Trips

Up to 6 Adventurers

Is there anything better than spending time with your family? It gives us all perspective, especially the kids. A family trip and a plan for adventure is the best possible gift you can give. There are great stories living just over the horizon, burst the bubble of routine. Stalk a dinosaur, meet Frankenstein, eat an ice cream cone, ride the Ferris wheel, get soaking wet, feel the sun. This is the place. The wonder. The memories.

Niagara has to be seen to be believed.

Wheelz Niagara wants to be part of it. We have created countless ideas in this site where your next family experience may be lurking. We want to “take you there”. Please push the “Select Your Destinations” button below for a few more.

Life is not a destination; it’s the journey.

Select Your Destinations

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