Picnix with Wheelz

Enjoy a Picnic in Scenic Niagara

Winnie the Pooh was really onto something always carrying that picnic basket around, and while we can’t promise a trip to Hundred Acre Wood on your wine tour we propose something even better – a picnic in Niagara Parks or a vineyard!  Wheelz is thrilled to be offering Picnix, a delicious meal to be experienced at whichever outdoor space you’d like.

We’ve partnered with Niagara locals such as head chefs and food connoisseurs to put together a menu which is sure to delight and that is entirely customizable as well. Comprised of organic and local food where possible, our Picnix can easily be made gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan at your request. Here at Wheelz we have over 35 years of food and beverage experience, and catering to your needs comes naturally to us!

Wheelz drivers are truly passionate about the Niagara Wine Route, which is just over an hour south of Toronto. We’ll plan for you to enjoy your Picnix at one of the many scenic spots throughout the Niagara Escarpment, Twenty Valley, and Niagara-on-the-Lake. By providing all aspects of your Picnix, including planning a location, packing a tablecloth and including ice buckets with which to chill your favourite beverages, all you have to do is book it! Because we have the wheel, you can enjoy your meal with a bottle of sparkling or a growler of your favourite local craft beer.

Add a scrumptious Picnix to ANY Wheelz Niagara Tour. Browse the Picnix menu here and let us know which meal is most appealing to you.

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