Picnix with Wheelz

Enjoy a Picnic in Scenic Niagara

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood where Christopher Robin plays, you’ll probably find Winnie the Pooh searching for his eleven o’clock meal. If you’re like Winnie, then you like the sound of the word “lunch”. And while you may not have the urge to empty a jar of honey, you can certainly appreciate getting a gourmet meal when you want, wherever you want it.

Wheelz is thrilled to be offering Picnix, a fresh take on Al Fresco dining that lets you experience fine foods in fabulous settings. Lunch in the vineyard, anyone?

We’ve partnered with Niagara chefs and food connoisseurs to assemble a menu that will treat and delight you! Worried about preferences or dietary restrictions? Picnix is entirely customizable. Because we source locally and use organic food where possible, our Picnix can easily be made gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan at your request.

Wheelz drivers are truly passionate about wine tours on the Niagara Wine Route, which is just over an hour south of Toronto. We’ll plan for you to enjoy your Picnix at one of the many scenic spots throughout the Niagara Escarpment, Twenty Valley, and Niagara-on-the-Lake. By supplying you with Picnix, we also take care of the perfect location, packing a tablecloth, utensils, and even include ice buckets so you can chill your favourite beverages. All you have to do is book it!

Because we have the wheel, you can enjoy your meal with a bottle of wine or beer that you’ve purchased on your tour! Let’s toast to that.

Add a scrumptious Picnix to ANY Wheelz Niagara Tour to satisfy all of your cravings! Cheers to the beginning of your adventure.

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