We are travellers.

To put it simply: We’re a bunch of people who love Niagara. And we want you to love it, too. Our services aren’t just the gateway to your destination—they’re a part of your adventure. Let our knowledgeable staff guide you through Niagara’s rich and diverse wine region or sit back and relax while you ride in comfort through our Airport Transportation service.

Based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, we’re optimally situated to provide superior airport transportation on both sides of the border. We specialize in taking you where you need to go and love to take you where you want to go, too. Over the years, we noticed that many of our clients who were eager to discover Niagara’s wineries were concerned about finding a wine tour that suited their tastes and interests. Our staff, all local, were always happy to make custom recommendations for the best restaurants, wineries, and attractions based on our clients’ needs.

Our smaller, private tours let visitors and wine connoisseurs customize their experiences in the Niagara Peninsula. From Peller to Inniskillin, to Vineland and Back10, the nuances in this wine appellation demand appreciation! Wheelz’s custom Niagara wine tours have quickly earned a reputation for VIP customer service. Our transportation service is just the start of an exceptional experience: The true whimsy of Wheelz comes from you!

What We Offer.

There are several services and packages that we offer to our customers. We’re proud to provide customizable tours and safe, comfortable transportation.

Our Wine Tours, Photography Tours, Airport Transportation, and Picnix menus can be adjusted according to you. Whether it’s wine, beer, spirits, or a good scene that you’re after, we’re your ticket to a great time. With an emphasis on local, sustainable, and award-winning service, we’re obsessed with expanding and innovating for you.

The Right Ride.

Currently, we offer tours and transport for up to 11 people. We are committed to preserving our beloved Niagara region by embracing hybrid technology in our fleet and using only local and organic products (where applicable) in our Picnix baskets.

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Questions? Keep ‘em coming! Contact us by phone or e-mail today. What secrets will you savour on your journey?

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What People are Saying

My wife and I took the private wine tour. It was sooo worth the little bit extra money to have the tour to yourself. Our guide(Darrel) was awesome! He made the tour just what we wanted it to be. He asked what we wanted and delivered! We visited a few sites that were beautiful sightseeing type spots then hit wine country! We only went to three wineries simply because my wife and I wanted to take a tour at two of them. We also had a wine tasting at all three of them. We weren’t rushed and thoroughly enjoyed it. The best part of our trip to Niagara Falls.

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